A smart approach to educating pupils about careers in STEM – The Irish Times

Reference: http://www.irishtimes.com/sponsored/a-smart-approach-to-educating-pupils-about-careers-in-stem-1.2403799

The Smart Futures programme brings volunteers to schools to talk about their degrees and their work, and to give career advice.

Dr. Claire Tuttlebee teaches Biology, Chemistry and Science at Dunshaughlin Community College in Co. Meath. She is very supportive of the Smart Future Programme and believes it will inspire her pupils:

We really want to promote Stem subjects in our school,” she says. “And have even introduced a new elective programme for transition year students (which I teach) where they can choose to participate in a double period each week where we work on science projects for entry to the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, and Scifest.”

In the previous year her students had a visit from two scientists and an engineer where they spoke about their job, what path they took including the subjects they studied for the Leaving Cert. They also spoke about what they found interesting in their job and how their job benefited mankind.

It showed students that there is life after school and there are many different routes that can be taken to get a job. You don’t have to attend a University to get into a good career and to get a well-paid job. It proved to be a great benefit to the class and Dr. Tuttlebee said she will organise more TY talks for her students next year.


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