€1.6 million in funding for Irish STEM education announced

Reference: http://www.digitaldaily.ie/2015/01/30/e1-6-million-in-funding-for-irish-stem-education-announced/

Article: “€1.6 million in funding for Irish STEM education announced” – (January 2015)

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) last year announced €1.6 million in funding for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) educational and public engagement projects in Ireland, supporting 39 initiatives designed to encourage people to get involved in STEM.

It was expected that 4.5 million people would engage with the various projects in 2015.

SFI Discover have funded the following projects in the past:

  • Brain Freeze 2 – a science based animation series developed by Kite Entertainment in association with CBBC and RTE.
  • MakerDojo – a hardware or hacker style club delivered by Tyndall National Institute; Biomaker Fórma and Designer Dojo
  • DART of Physics – encourages commuters to think about physics in a different way, through a poster campaign of the DART
  • Blackrock Castle Observatory – the introduction of family-friendly experiments exploring the concepts behind space science

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