Engineers Ireland calls for bigger STEM focus in Primary Schools

Article: “Engineers Ireland calls for bigger STEM focus in Primary Schools” – (March 2016)


Quote: Caroline Spillane, Engineer Ireland’s Director General

“We need to boost in everyway possible student’s ability in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or STEM so that we can create and fill engineering jobs and meet the challenges of current and future skills needs. The place to start is the primary school where we can begin to develop children’s STEM aptitudes early.”

**The STEM Education Review Group

**The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

**further investigation

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) recently found that 3rd level students studying maths related courses like engineering and computer science were having difficulties completing their studies in their chosen courses.

“….there is evidence that college-goers are not sufficiently conditioned to the curricular adjustment they need to make between the two levels of our education system.”

Engineering Ireland lasts for one week and this year was its 10th year. This year the theme was “Engineering our Future”. It is an annual campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers and to excite students about the possibilities a career in engineering has to offer.

As part of the week, there are 500 events nationwide. There are 200 engineering organisations in the public and private sector involved and there are almost 40,000 participants including primary school and secondary school students, parents, teachers and volunteer engineers.




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