Questions for first teacher meeting – primary school

  1. What are the most important subjects on the STEM Curriculum?


  1. Coding is to be introduced onto the Primary School Curriculum by 2018, is this a welcome development in your view?


  1. Would the teachers or students in this schools have much interaction with Transition Year students? For example, has there been any occasion where TY students has visited the schools for some reason?


  1. What do you feel at present are the most urgent needs or resources for teaching STEM subjects in schools?


  1. In terms of how STEM subjects are taught in schools at the moment, what resources are used? Are any digital resources or devices used?


  1. Have any students in your schools taken part or will take part in any initiatives to promote STEM subjects such as BT Young Scientist and TECH Exhibition, the Coderdojo Programmes etc.?


  1. Before this meeting, were you aware of the term UmI technologies?


  1. Do you believe the teaching of STEM subjects is more important now than what it was 10 years ago? If so, why?

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