Science Foundation Ireland


Science Foundation Ireland

Quote from website homepage:

“Science and Technology play an increasingly important role in addressing the economic, social and environmental problems faced by the world today. That role needs the support and active engagement of the public who fund the work and are the ultimate beneficiaries of it. An engaged public is one that understands the role of science, can judge between competing priorities and arguments, engaging young people to take science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and feels that it has the appropriate level of engagement with and influence upon the researchers. SFI, as the primary investor in scientific research in the country, must form a strong relationship with the Irish people, built on trust.”

– Science Foundation Ireland Strategic Plan Agenda 2020.

Mission of the Programme:

  • Catalyse, inspire and guide the best in STEM education and public engagement

The Education and Public Engagement Key Areas:

  1. Funding Opportunities – SFI fund projects
  2. Programmes – SFI run programmes promoting STEM – Science Week; Smart Futures; Discovery Primary Science and Maths and
  3. SFI Research Centres and Outreach – Student Placements, lab tours, web-based mentoring programmes, school visits, workshops & many more
  4. Guidance and Best Practice – Publications (“The Science Foundation Ireland – Science in Ireland Barometer), evaluation toolkit, useful links




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