Survey – An extended list of questions

After receiving the survey and looking through it, I have decided to expand on the questions already listed and look at what we want to find out: Below is a list of questions that may later be divided in to questions specifically for the teacher/parent and student:

Current Questions:

  • Access level of understanding of UMI technologies
  • Access level of importance of 21st century skills and STEM learning
  • Access people sense of their ability to engage
  • Access what resources they feel they need to engage

Extended list of questions:

  • How many students who have completed Transition Year go on to third level education or further education/training?
  • How many students go on to do STEM related courses after college?
  • What teaching methods are currently in place for teaching STEM subjects in schools?
  • What resources do teachers currently use for teaching STEM subjects in schools?

Relating just to Transition Year:

  • What subjects are offered for Transition Year students in the different schools? What are the most popular subjects? (subject tasters)
  • What problems do teachers face with the current Transition Year set-up?
  • What are the key skills students learn from completing Transition Year in their opinion?
  • How does Transition Year prepare students for life after school?
  • What Transition Year initiatives do schools get their students involved in?

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