iHCI Conference @ UCC on Friday October 14th

Today I attended the  Irish Human-Computer Interaction Conference at UCC. There were a number of Keynote Speakers who made presentations about their work:

Professor Yvonne Rogers – Do we need to be Disciplined in HCI?

Dr. Gavin Doherty – The secret life of e-health interventions

Professor Steve Benford – In the footsteps of the Bard

There were also a number of paper presentations made from colleges throughout the country.

This was my first opportunity to meet with fellow PhD students and to also see what other projects they are working in as we all presented paper posters. I got to talk to a PhD student and his supervisor in UCC, Aaron and Conor. Aaron is working on a project which looks at the benefits of using IVR Technology for teaching Science Education (Fig 1.0):

Fig 1.0:


Some of the research areas Aaron looked at are areas which could be very useful to me.

Another project that interested me was from Limerick Institute of Technology called Emotional (Fig 2.0):

Fig 2.0:


This project looks at the importance of emotional design to create Engaging Digital HCI Learning Experience. This sounded like a very interesting project and I also quite liked the design and layout of the poster for future reference.

From some of the talks I also made a list of terms under which I may be able to test students under in the future: time limits/timing; competition element; team-based activities, attention levels of students, interactive learning, student learning conditions (dyslexic/non dyslexic students) etc.

Using cameras with sensors to capture expressions/reactions could also prove useful in the Assessment part of our project – to see how the student interacts with a device.






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