Mallow Maths and Science Fair – Sunday October 16th

On Sunday October 16th 2016, I attended the Mallow Maths and Science Fair at Mallow GAA Complex. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with Primary and Secondary School teachers in the North Cork Area. A number of students from various schools in Mallow displayed projects and it was very interesting to see what they were all working on.


One of the schools completed a project to determine whether or not 15 minutes of exercise in the morning before work or school would effect how our brains work. They got students to figure out 12 brain teasers and they then completed the same brainteasers after 15 minutes of exercise and from their research they found that exercise affected 53% of the students brains.

St. Mary’s Secondary School in Mallow presented me with an optical illusion based on two mirrors reflecting off each other. They also demonstrated how to view a small organism under a microscope. I also completed a test to see was I colour blind by identifying numbers in pictures and I passed it. Other schools had worked on projects such as using morse code, setting up circuits to light a light bulb and make a small lever fly and another school were using a candle, water and a glass to test for oxygen.

While attending the Fair I also got the chance to connect with other organisations/groups/companies who work to promote or educate children about science. I collected contact information from:

  • Anyone4Science
  • Designer Minds
  • Cork Science Festival
  • ApC – Microbiome Institute
  • Lilly
  • CEIA
  • Maths Week


I will look to contact these organisations and more in the coming weeks and months to arrange meetings and get to know more about them and find ways we can work together in forming a community of practice for the project.


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