The Design Thinking Process – dschool


The Design thinking process defines the problem, implements the solutions, always with the needs of the users at the core of concept development.

The process involves needfinding, understanding, creating, thinking and doing.

The Design thinking process is broken up into 5 elements:


Empathize: Work to fully understand the experience of the user who you are designing for. Do this through observation, interaction and immersing yourself in their experience.

Define: Process and synthesize the findings from your empathy work in order to form a user point of view that you will address with your design.

Ideate: Explore a wide variety of possible solutions through generating a a large number of diverse possible solution, allowing you step beyond the obvious and explore a wide range of ideas.

Prototype: Transform your ideas into a physical form so that you can experience and interact with them, and in the process learn and develop more empathy.

Test: Try our high resolution products and use observations and feedback to refine prototypes. Learn more about the user and refine your original point of view.



The design thinking process draws any methods from engineering and design, and combines them with ideas from the arts; tools from the sciences and insights from the business world.


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