Weekly Work Plan – Monday November 21st

This week I plan to complete the following list of work:


  • Complete the CoP deliverable
  • Research Design Thinking and Human-centered Design
  • Research the best ways to conduct a qualitative interview and to report the results from it for teacher meetings.
  • Email “schools document” to Kieran and ask him to update it


  • Meeting with a teacher from CBS Secondary School in Mitchelstown and report back on it to my supervisors
  • Attend a Webinar on how to use the Scopus Index Database
  • Begin experimenting with the UDOO Kits, recording what I’m doing and what problems I face etc.
  • Download papers on Pedagogical Approaches to teaching STEM subjects in school


  • Arrange a meeting with Sarah so we can compare how we both got on using the UDOO Kits, any problems we faced and the next steps to take
  • Research State of the Art in UMI technologies
  • Create a table for teacher meeting results/responses so we can contrast and compare some findings
  • Follow up on emails sent out by ringing the schools and try to arrange a meeting
  • Organize an online repository with Sarah


  • Research current Garda Vetting Rules and Regulations – do you need a different garda vetting form for different activities with children? etc.
  • Continue research on Academic Communities of Practice – online and physical
  • Research “why use qualitative data?”


  • Begin my “PhD Presentation” and start putting some slides together
  • Continue academic research



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