Why is design thinking important?

Reference: http://www.designthinkingireland.ie/design-thinking-important/

  1. Today’s reality demands innovation – Design thinking is the tool kit for innovation. In order for a business to stay current they must move with the changes that occur in our society – customers, lifestyles and the way we communicate.
  2. Faced with an insurmountable task? – Design thinking takes the challenge or problem and breaks them up into smaller, bite-size pieces which enable us to focus on the core issues that emerge. From there, you can see clearly and piece together the most critical aspects to create a strongly relevant solution.
  3. What if there is no market? – Design thinking involves the market from the very beginning, before you develop any product or service. You are spending time with the market, understanding their needs and realities of the world.
  4. It’s always about people – Design thinking involved getting out there and spending time with the end-user and this provides you with much more tangible insights. Design thinking is empathetic and personal in nature and it doesn’t exist without people – real people, real problems, real solutions.
  5. Fail Fast – Design thinking eliminates the risk of ultimate failure be encouraging failure. We learn more from our failures than we would from having none. Design thinking encourages experimentation, prototyping and feedback allowing you to fail and fail fast so that you can recognize and eliminate the weaknesses and ultimately succeed.
  6. Break out of the box: Breaks your preconception of what a good solution would be and unleashing new, undiscovered possibilities.



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