Weekly Work Plan – Monday November 28th

Following a meeting with Kieran this afternoon, my weekly work plan is as follows:

  • Create visuals/diagrams to represent the Community, Domain and Practice conversation we had last week and expand further on it. Explain the “user engagement” process at each stage. Send them on to Kieran and upload to google drive.
  • Continue to research Pedagogical approaches to teaching STEM in schools
  • Look at Policy documents in schools – visit the national parent council website and look at policy documents for both primary and secondary schools. Write a general description of how the school is governed – what does the policy document state happens and what actually happens in the school environment – look for survey documents – what’s the relationship between teachers, students and parents like within the school environment – interpret what the policy docs mean for our project
  • Create a plan of the “Schools Engagement” (table/visual) – how have I contacted already, what have I learned, who is next on my list to contact. Talk through the process of early engagement, making them aware of the project and how do we get them on board to help and work with us (criteria) – why did we pick some schools over others – once we have selected teachers and schools, what happens next?
  • Contact remaining secondary schools on the list and arrange more meetings
  • Research semi-structured interviews and the best way to record qualitative information obtained. Begin compiling a list of questions we may want to ask in thee interviews.

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