Paper: An Analysis of Classroom technology

**My reason for reading this paper is to identify how they carried out their research and what means of evaluation they used – what questions they asked, how they structured the survey etc.

The study assesses the use of course ware management systems, computing facilities, network, online collaboration, chat, and other tech resources in use at the University of Delaware.

The four questions the survey wants to answer:

  1. What technologies are being used in the University of Delaware?
  2. What value do faculty perceive in teaching technologies?
  3. Do these technologies actually enhance student learning?

The survey includes 30 questions from the Teacher Attitudes Questionnaire and the Faculty Attitude Toward Information Technology (**research further for my own knowledge)

The survey accesses four categories of faculty attitude towards teaching technology:

  • Enthusiasm/Enjoyment
  • Anxiety
  • Avoidance
  • Productivity

The survey also accesses the extent to which faculty have incorporated the seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education:

  • Contact between students and faculty
  • Reciprocity and cooperation among students
  • Active learning
  • Prompt feedback
  • Increased time on task
  • High expectations communicated
  • Respect for diverse talents and learning styles

The first part of the survey – instructors use of and proficiency with, computers and associated technologies

The second part of the survey addresses technology specifics for each course the respondent teaches, e.g. if a class web site is used, ask for details of the components of the website and the style of instruction

The third part of the survey covers overall instructors attitudes towards teaching technologies

For each of the categories and principles, the instructors were asked to answer the question on a 5-level scale: strongly agree to strongly disagree

**See paper for full list of survey questions


(Ri & Hodzduh, 2001)

Ri, Q. Q. D. O. V. L. V, & Hodzduh, R. I. (2001). An Analysis of Classroom Technology. Population (English Edition), 93–96.


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