Examples of online communities of practice

Reference: http://www.feverbee.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/TypesofCommunities.pdf

  1. Connected Educators – “helping educators thrive in a connected world” (http://www.connectededucators.org/)

Examples of communities within connected educators:

  • Powerful Learning Practice (http://plpnetwork.com/)
    • job embedded professional development company which uses a combination of online communities of practice ad personal learning networks to build collective efficacy and capacity in teams of educators for change
    • “learners first, teachers second”
    • They offer
      • online courses – instructor-led and self-paced
      • digital books (to purchase)
      • customized professional development – connected learner experience – 5 learnin cycles over the year
      • consultation on education, professional learning and communiy building
      • speaking – CEO to speak at events
      • free resources – newsletter, connected teacher ebook, project based learning resources, Twitter tips for teachers, Google Apps Tips and Tricks, blogging tips for teachers
      • blog – all posts by the CEO, no comments on the posts, last post was in September 2016,  lot of the post elaborate on the services offered on the website
    • there is no list of participating schools under the tab on the home page
  • Professional Learning Board (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/103817/profile)
    • LinkedIn Group
    • aimed at people working in K-12 schools (public, private, charter etc) interested in online teaching and learning
    • 2793 members
    • request to become a member from group admin
  • Mimio Connect (http://www.mimioconnect.com/)
    • “interactive teaching community”
    • lesson plans for interactive whiteboards
    • lessons designed by teachers for teachers
    • offer lesson plans and activities for different subjects
    • members of the community can upload lesson plans and activities
    • every member has their own profile
    • forum where members interact by creating topics/threads and members comment on them
    • It offers
      • training – on demand, quick learn, free webinars, educator blog
      • ask a master – members can ask questions to practicing teachers who have completed a rigorour course of study in how to use interactive teaching and interactive technology
      • live mimio quick learn webinars

2. TES Community – Times Educational Supplement Community (https://community.tes.com/)

  • Register for free
  • forums – threads – posts/messages
  • members interact through these forums
  • members mark forums and threads they wish to “watch”
  • members get alerts on these forums and threads

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