Outcomes from today’s supervisor meeting

Today I had a meeting with one of my supervisors, Trevor Hogan and the following outcomes were established from the meeting:

  • Wednesday January 18th 2017 (10-1pm) – a series of talks about the changes that have occured in the secondary school maths curriculum – this will be a good event to attend as it will make me more aware of how maths is taught in secondary school today and this may provide me with ideas for my future study
  • 16th – 20th January 2016 – iWish CIT Campus Programme – I will request to attend the week of events so that I can observe the interactive workshops, broaden my network of contacts by interacting and communicating with teachers and STEM experts and attend talks that are of interest to me
  • Workshop/Study – begin working towards carrying out a workshop or some kind of imperical study over the easter holidays (17th-21st April 2017) with teachers. (possibly a pilot study over the midterm break in February) Develop a list of research questions which can be narrowed down; possibly building an artefact or some online platform; determine what type of data I want to collect; determine the methods of gathering this data and develop a hypothese. The research questions are key at this point as they will determine the type of study I conduct.
  • Conference – I am going to apply for the Doctorial Consortium at the Communities and Technology Conference in France (26-30 June). If I don’t get accepted for that, I will apply to attend a workshop. I will also apply to be a student volunteer. I may also submit a poster if it becomes an option at the conference. I will follow their page on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with any updates.



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