Communities and Technologies Conference 2017


This year I plan to attend the 8th International Communities and Technology Conference which will be held in Troyes in France from June 25-30. (approximately 100 miles outside Paris)

The theme for this year’s conference is “technology that can be deployed for the common good”.

I will send in an application for Doctorial Consortium which will be held on Sunday June 25th. The application deadline for this will be on May 2nd.

The Doctorial Consortium Paper Application must be the following:

  • 4 pages using the ACM template
  • introduction setting up my research area and specific research questions/goals (including ket related work)
  • overall research approach, methodology and expected contributions
  • work in progress (including findings to date and the next steps)
  • questions and issues for discussion and what you hope to gain from attending the DC
  • short bio

Applications must be sent to:

I will also apply to be a student volunteer at the conference and if there is a paper presentation section, I will submit a poster to that.


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