iWish Event @ CIT – Day 4 – Thursday January 19th 2017

Energy Engineering

  • class divided up into 5 groups of 5 students where they sat around a square table
  • pipes and pressure workshop
  • 1 leader and 3 facilitators including 2 students of the course and the students were encouraged to ask them questions about the course if they were intersted in this type of career
  • The leading facilitator began by explaining the workshop to the students – design, build and test. Each group were given a worksheet and equipment to build with once they had completed their design
  • It was a competition – the students who used to most amount of pieces to build their system and get the water flowing received the most amount of points and they would get a prize the day after
  • each facilitator took it in turns to go around to eahc table to see if they were getting on okay and to help them if they needed it
  • they were given 10 minutes to complete the design phase and then they could move on to the building phase
  • some groups were seen to get straight into the task while others struggled and needed help. One group wasn’t clear that you had to design the system first and then build it
  • most students were fully engaged, getting involved and they could be all seen doing something. A leader could be seen emerging in each group. 2/3 students weren’t really getting involved and they looked to be disinterested
  • the facilitators were encouraging saying “well done” when the students completed a task
  • shape of the table was good as all students could interact with each other and the materials
  • some students could be seen looking around to see what others were doing
  • the leading facilitator regularly asked if the groups were ready to test, reminding them of what time the workshop had to end
  • as each group came up and tested their pipe system, each grup was eager to find out what the group before them had scored, they wanted to get more – competitiveness
  • students appeared to really enjoy this workshop and they were pictured with their finished system

Mechanical Engineering

  • 2 facilitators
  • one facilitator began by getting the students in a semi-cirlce around her where she asked them questions about what they thought mechanical engineering was and she then explained the workshop.
  • the students had to build two circuits – one easy one and one more difficult version – the two circuits were already built on two boards that the students could use as reference points – one facilitator showed how they work and one student could be heard say “Oh!” in the group – clear sign of interest
  • the groups were divided into 5 groups of 4 students
  • the male facilitator was much more vocal when speaking – he pointed out the safety precautions of what they were doing and that may have frightened or taken some students aback
  • 2 students of the course at CIT then came in to help each group
  • the students were given a lot to remember at the beginning
  • students were deliberately divided into different groups so that they would work with different students
  • some students got straight into the task while others referred back to the examples more
  • one group not listening carefully at the beginning and they began to build the second circuit first
  • most students were actively involved – getting wires, attaching equipment, moving things around etc.
  • they were given a question sheet to fill out once they had completed each circuit but some questions appeared to be too hard and the students asked for help. The male facilitator felt he shouldn’t answer some questions for them but the two student facilitators helped and some students were seen using their phones to get answers. the students were encouraged to play around with the circuit when they were finished building them but none of the students did – possibly a fear factor
  • students played around on their phones and moved around the room to students they knew once they had comleted every task – they appeared to get bored – not enough to do for the entire workshop
  • the students took their circuits apart before finishing the workshop

Chemical Engineering

  • all students sat at a computer each
  • 1 leader who gave a short powerpoint presentation about the topic and what they would be doing in the class
  • 2 student facilitators
  • tutorial – students asked to open a programme on the computer and complete each task after the leader had completed the task. the 2 student facilitators went around and helped students who were stuck
  • most students moved along with the tutorial without any trouble while some students required help
  • students appeared engaged and they were listening carefully to the leader



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