iWish Event @ CIT – Day 5 – Friday January 20th 2017

Today the students had two talks to start off the morning – one from an entrepreneur who is a past student of herbal sciences at CIT and she spoke about her business, Bia Beauty and the second was from a past student of Multimedia at CIT and she spoke about technology in education.

Bia Beauty

  • speaker began by giving a short presentation where the talked about her background, her projects and her business
  • she then did a demonstration – she made the bia beauty lip balm and made a small pot for every student. As she demonstrated how to make it, he spoke about each of the ingredients, where to find them and why she is using them.
  • the students asked a lot of questions throughout the demonstration – they were seen taking notes and were very engaged throughout – students could relate to the topic at hand

Roisin Garvey

  • technology in education
  • she also did a presentation – her background, what she studied in college, what she is doing now
  • she demonstrated an “audience response system”
  • the group was divided into two groups – one group were given a yellow page with a design on it and the second group were given a white sheet with the same design on it
  • it was a survey application where the students used the paper to answer the questions – the letter they wanted to answer the question with ( A, B, C, D) had to point towards the top and roisin would scan the paper with her phone. The results could be seen on the screen and the answers were anonymous
  • there was a lot of talking taking place while the survey was going on which wasn’t ideal and the organiser of the I Wish event handed out her own survey during the workshop which distracted the students further
  • students weren’t paying full attention like they did for the Bia Beauty talk

I attended a talk from my supervisor from 11-12.30pm and during this time the students engaged in a Q&A with STEM experts and the winners of the various competitions were announced.


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