Online Teacher Communities – UK

1   Pedagoo – “sharing our classroom practice”



  • a collaborative blog – sign up or login and write a post
  • learn about other teacher’s practice
  • share your own practice
  • “Teachmeets” events held across the UK – further develop the community
  • Community of teachers learning through the sharing of classroom experiences
  • #PEDAGOOFRIDAY – go on twitter, write your highlight of the week from the classroom and use the above hashtag to share the information with people in the community
  • the highlights often become posts on the website because teachers want to find out more about the idea
  • click on “members” button and one can view all members and when they were last active – click on a members name to view their profile
  • Click on “activity” and one can view site wide activity including who has recently become registered members, recent posts etc. You can choose to look at site-wide activity or pick a particular section from the drop down menu



2   The Guardian Teacher Network


When you click in to The Guardian Teacher Network, you are taken to a page on the actual Guardian website where you will find a list of articles relating to teachers, schools, teaching practice etc. It is unclear however whether these articles are written by teachers or journalists.

I then clicked into “Resources” (a button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen) and the following screen appeared:


This appears to be the actual teacher network where teachers can access resources which they can use for the classroom.

These resources can be sorted by file type: Audio, document, image, interactive resources, presentation ad video. You can choose whether you want Guardian created content or teacher created content and the majority is Teacher created with over 15,000 resources. There is the option to choose what level you are teaching, along with what subject you are looking for.

There is a search bar option to reduce the amount of results you see. Teachers who sign up can create resources and upload them and they can also download resources created by other teachers.

I also clicked into the teachers blog but it wasn’t active as the last post recorded was November 2014!



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