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CMNTY Platform



Data Collection Tools:

  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Community
  • Member Profiles
  • Members share stories, experiences and ideas
  • Challenge (contests and competitions to ideate and co-create with your community)
  • Journal (one-to-one discussions)
  • Questionnaire
  • Stepboard (add structure to discussions)
  • Real time chats
  • Webshop
  • News feature
  • Custom Pages

Widgets (examples):

  • Badges Leaderboard
  • Best ideas
  • Blog Categories
  • Challenge ideas
  • Countdown
  • Download Centre
  • Forum Overview
  • Forum Statistics
  • Spotlight
  • Recent News Articles
  • Newest Members
  • Polls
  • Profile Completeness
  • Site Activity
  • Members statistics
  • Who’s online
  • My journals (shos members which journals they have responded to and which ones they need to respond to)

ZoHo Connect



  • business communication tool
  • 2 price plans
    • Free
    • $49 per month but customisation tools, more memory etc are available with the paid option
  • Connect, Communicate, Collaborate
    • establish contact with anyone in your network – user profiles, follow options, company directory
    • create groups – public or private groups – collaborate better
    • create pages and promote events and contests – brand your page, follow other pages
    • retrieve information within the network using the advanced search option
    • communicate in real-time – posts and feeds – like, comment, poll
    • company stream – information fee, instant updates of what’s happening in the company
    • inbox feature – information that is directly for you – private messaging – notifications relating to topic you are interested in
    • @mentions – specific call out to employees/teams who are working on your information
    • create events
    • real time chat
    • chat rooms relating to specific topics
    • add external networks to communicate and collaborate with partners outside your organisation
    • upload and share documents, images, videos,  presentations with members
    • pick or create an App that fits your teams unique needs – customize and share with your colleagues
    • Discussion forums
    • Blogs
    • Wikis




  • Cloud-based community forum software
  • no software to install, simple to use, set up in minutes
  • Brand the community to match your company’s website using built-in design themes or customize your own theme to suit your brand
  • fully compatible with laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone
  • discussion forums
  • feedback forums
  • Q&A forums
  • article forums
  • private communities for employees only
  • search option
  • manage the community using management and moderation tools
  • highlight topic of comments you would like visitors to see
  • get notifications about community activity
  • manager has full coontrol of posting – remove duplicate, inappropriate comments etc.
  • members can flag anything they find inappropriate/offensive and this appears in the managers flagged queue
  • members can share images, pictures, videos and more technical information
  • they can drive traffic to interesting content in your community by sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • managers, customers and employees can collaborate in threaded discussions
  • highlight and feature exceptional customer posting
  • update status labels with “in-progress” or “completed” for their feedback
  • members have their own profiles
  • members will receive email notifications from topics of interest they have followed
  • manger can track new members and view their activity
  • monitor activities on a visual dashboard – graphs – community activity, questions asked/answered etc.

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