Online Teacher Communities – Europe

European Schoolnet:


  • founded in 1997
  • helps schools make effective use of educational technologies
  • they have coordinated or participated in more than 100 European Projects involving teachers, schools, universities, research institutes, industry partners and other organisations involved in education
  • The Future Classroom Lab is a learnning space developed in association with leading educational technology providers and it hosts regular workshops, seminars and courses for teachers
  • The European School Net Academy was set up in 2013 and it’s aim was to make training opportunities available to a greater number of primary and secondary school teachers across Europe and it offers online professional development courses where teachers learn about innovation in the school and classroom and enhance their teaching practice
  • 4 ways of getting involved in European Schoolnet:
    1. Get Support
      • handbooks, recommendations or reports to help teachers navigate through the emerging trends in education technology and innovation pedagogies
      • get support from recent outcomes across their projects and focus areas (e.g. Digital Handbook on how to integrate social media in learning and education)
    2. Participate in Teacher Courses
      • online professional development courses (European School Net Academy)
      • workshops, seminars, courses (Future Classroom Lab)
    3. Collaborate
      • Join the eTwinning Community
      • created in 2004, launched in 2005
      • currently involving over 200,000 teachers in European Collaborative projects with their pupils
      • link up with other teachers across Europe
      • share ideas, cooperate and participate in projects
      • develop your skills and participate in workshop and training events
      • available in 25 different languages
      • “sense of community”
      • Free Access
      • safe environment – every single eTwinner must be connected to a school and this is certified at country level by National Support Services
      • recognition of your work
      • design your own project
    4. Find Resources
      • browse the resource repositories, e.g. Scientix (the community for science education in Europe)
  • Publications:
    • 22/01/2017 – “Efforts to increase Student’s interest in pursuing STEM studies and careers.”
    • 19/11/2015 – “Scientix 2 Results: How Scientix adds value to STEM education?”

Future Classroom Lab:


  • learning environment in Brussels
  • challenges visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy technology and design in their classrooms
    • students’ & teachers’ skills and roles
    • learning styles
    • learning environment design
    • current and emerging technologies
    • societal trends affecting education
  • focus on 6 learning zones:
    1. Create
    2. Interact
    3. Present
    4. Investigate
    5. Exchange
    6. Develop



Fig 1.0. The physical learning environment in Brussels

  • The site also provides toolkits, training, projects and a community of teachers

Scientix Community


Community Features:

  • Networking events for Science Education Projects
  • Online Meeting Room
  • Public Profiles Directory
  • Scientix match-making tool
  • Communities of Practice
  • Discussion Forum
  • Scientix Chat
  • Scientix Blog

Consumer Classroom



  • community website for teachers
  • an extensive library of consumer education resources from across EU
  • interactive and collaborative tools to help prepare and dhare lessons with students and other teachers
  • If you choose to become part of the community you can:
    • build lessons online & give your students direct access
    • collaborate on projects with other schools in the EU
    • personalised sign-in area for quick access to resources
    • access to forums – collaborate with other schools/teachers
    • option to download resources such as Competition Kits and New Year Kits for use in the classroom




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