Review of meeting with Trevor – Tues Jan 31st @ 10.30am

Today I had a very productive meeting with my supervisor Trevor and I will tae the following actions from today’s meeting:

  • Return to the research questions and the papers which I took them directly from and using the “Blumenfeld Chart” review the research questions, other similar research, data, analysis and dissemination of results for each paper.
  • Focus my first study on determining what a community of practice is according to the literature, then select 3 or 4 communities of practice and pick one to conduct a case study on. I will aim to write a paper which will either confirm, conflict or extend the current meaning of communities of practice through evaluating a real, current CoP. I want to look at things including –
    • defintions of CoPs,
    • characteristics,
    • technology used,
    • infrastructure,
    • birth and death of a CoP,
    • how a CoP begins,
    • how it maintains itself,
    • how it works,
    • how to become a member,
    • life span of a CoP etc.
  • I will create an online repository (google drive folder) where I will document the papers I read and all the research I collect along the way so that it is easy to access going forward.
  • I will go back to my proposal and I will rewrite some of my research questions to be more community and teacher orientated

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