Revised Research Questions – Feb 6th

RQ1. Learning:

What is a Community of Practice?

How do I develop and build a community of practice?

How familiar are teachers, students etc. with the term communities of practice?

How can a Community of Practice enhance STEM learning?

What are the current STEM teaching practices in secondary school education and how are these applied to enhance learning?

Who are the stakeholders in the school community and how do they communicate with one another at present?

What role do current school stakeholders play in enhancing STEM learning for students?

RQ2. Attitudes:

What are the current attitudes to STEM in secondary school teachers, the school community, and academic communities of practice?

What are the teachers’ attitudes towards STEM teaching and how do the attitudes change after using UMI technologies?

How can the entire school community aid the teacher-student learning relationship?

How can I support communication and collaboration among teachers, students, parents, businesses, the community, parents associations and BOMs?

My overall hypothesis is that a well-functioning CoP will enable and enhance STEM learning through the use of UMI technologies.


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