Summary of outcomes from supervisor meeting – February 8th

Below is a summary of the points from today’s meeting with regard to my work:

  • put together a 2-page document on the design and methodology I am taking to my complete my first study
  • The plan for my study is as follow
    • carry out a literature review of Communities of Practice over the next 3-4 weeks (what they are, their characteristics, structure, maintainance, life, death etc.)
    • carry out a literature review of the CoderDojo Movement, investigate whether or not it is a CoP, map the characterisitics of a CoP to the CoderDojo etc.
    • Look at the learning that takes place in a CoderDojo and the learning that takes place in a CoP
    • Determine what methods I will take to investigate the CoderDojo – interview, survey, focus group
    • Talk to organisers of CoderDojos – teachers, lecturers, undergraduate students, TY students etc.
    • Determine what questions I want to ask and need answered
    • Looking long term, I will want to expand on my literature review of CoPs and further investigate more CoPs – one that operate in a physical space, one that operates online, one that uses both means of communication, one that uses social networking tools etc. and make comparisons between them and the literature.
  • Revisit the UMI Scenarios and look for raw material that maps back to the CoderDojo Movement and map projects from the scenarios to projects that take place as part of the CoderDojo

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