E.g. of Online Communities -Teachmeet Ireland


Link: http://teachmeetireland.com/


Teachmeet Ireland are a community that host organised, but informal meetings around Ireland where participants are offered a variety of nano (2 mins) or macro (5 mins) presentations on any aspect of education

Principalmeet is the same as a teachmeet but it is for principals, presentations on leadership in primary schools

  • particpants can be involved as presenters or they can relax and listen to all the presentations that will be on offer
  • teachers share their ideas, strategies and ideas with similarly-minded educators
  • focus is on primary schools but National Events such as FĂ©ilte are open to all levels of education
  • attending a teachmeet can also help to emonstrate to teachers on how to host their own teachmeet in their local area
  • “share” is the key word of the community – sharing ideas, information etc.
  • teachmeets can meet in a physical place, staff room, or online through social networks
  • peer-related learning – learning with and from your peers
  • social and collaborative
    • meet people you know
    • meet new people
    • passionate people
    • networking
    • sharing
  • a teacher can attend, watch live online or watch a recording f the event afterwards
  • Contact – teachmeetireland@gmail.com; @TeachmeetIRL (Twitter)

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