E.g. of Online Communities – Visionary Learning

Visionary Learning (VL)

Link: http://vl.catalystitsolutions.co.uk/


  • Online Community of Practice
  • Members are in the UK, USA and Europe
  • Practice: Mapping teaching practices with learning processes
  • Using Multimedia Learning (MML), they want to better match the way we teach to the way we learn
  • they have experimented with rebalancing lecture delivery (a balance of text and visuals) and they have tested the method with dyslexic students with positive results
  • they also want to see if it will work at postgrad level, for seminars and assessment – the members decide the direction they want to take it next
  • The CoP doesnt prescribe what members do with the overall idea
  • there is no formal structure
  • the groups activities derive from its members’ preferences and ideas
  • each member can take the MML method and use it however they want
  • each member can choose how they participate in the prcocess – they can call meetings, host teach-ins, share data, develop evaluation methods and post data via the webmaster
  • the nature of the CoP:
    • members will share their findings in professional publications that can be aded to the site
    • they will write informal blog posts
    • they will support the community’s needs as they evolve to the content of their own choosing
    • the CoP supports the learning and teaching but also Continous Professional Development (CPD)
  • 9 UK members, 1 USA & 1 Switzerland
  • Community section operated by WordPress but only members can access it – can’t see discussions, blog posts etc.
  • Contact the community through a form on the website – no email address available

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