CoderDojo Movement – A Brief Synopsis



What is CoderDojo?

  • a global network of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people aged 7-17 years of age
  • the young people learn to code, build a website, create an app or game & explore technology in an informal, creative and social environment
  • they have a focus on peer-learning, youth mentoring and self-led learning
  • the aim is to help young people realise they can build a positive future through coding and community

When did it all begin?

  • Jamess Whelton (an 18 year old coder from Cork) and Bill Liao (an entrepreneur and philanthropist) founded CoderDojo together in early 2011 and the first Dojo was launched at the National Software Centre in Cork in July 2011
  • when they saw how popular it was, the movement became open source
  • it was immensely popular and encouraged rapid growth across Ireland, North America and Italy initially
  • there is now more than 1,100 verified Dojos in 63 countries worldwide

What do they do?

  • Enabling
    • create resources to aid the community in communication and collaboration
  • Engaging
    • support the community by handling support requests, verifying Dojos to appear on the website and facilitating knowledge sharing and discussion
  • Scaling
    • negotiate and manage international partnerships to benefit the coderdojo community and to spread the coderdojo brand and philosophy around the world.
  • Awareness
    • build awareness of coderdojo by attending international events and facilitating 2 annual coderdojo events – DojoCon and Coolest Projects

The Team (over the CoderDojo movement as a whole – volunteers)

  1. Giustina Mizzoni – Executive Director
  2. Peter O’ Shea – Community Lead
  3. Ross O’Neill – Community Lead
  4. Rosa Langhammer – Reporting Lead
  5. Philip Harney – Content Lead
  6. Guillaume Feliciano – Senior Software Engineer
  7. Daniel Brierton – Senior Software Engineer
  8. Nuala McHale – Engagement
  9. Rachel Schoene – Enablement

Where can one attend a CoderDojo?

In Cork there are 26 CoderDojos spread across the city and county (I will put together a table of these coderdojos including locations and contact details for future reference)

Who organises CoderDojos?

One can create a Dojo by registering it on the website, becoming a community member and following the step by step guide to starting your own Dojo. The Dojo consists of the Champion (the organiser), Mentors (volunteers – experienced coders or someone with no technical experience to help with registration and SM), parents and the young people as participants. There are resources available on the online community ( which can be used to get started or members can create their own and share them with other coderdojos through the community.

CoderDojo Research

If you are interested in doing research on CoderDojo, then email:

2 students have studied CoderDojo as part of their postgraduate studies and these can be found on the website under “Our Research” (

What resources are used?

The resources are produced by community members, partners or the foundation itself:

  • Scratch
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Mobile
  • Other resources for champions, mentors and parents

What is the online community? is the online community resource sharing platform. There are also discussion forums (on the main website) which contain a number of categories and in these categories there are topics which members can comment on. These discussion forums can be viewed by anyone on the Coderdojo website but only members can comment. Memebers can login or register on website. The latest post/comment can be viewed down the right-hand side of the page (Fig 1.0).

Fig 1.0:


**to be researched further:

  • The Community – who it operates, who are the members, etc.
  • The Coolest Projects Awards
  • What learning takes places in CoderDojos




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