My Case Study – Possible Questions for interviews/focus groups/surveys

Based on my continous research into communities of practice and the CoderDojo movement, I have begun to compile a list of questions/information which may be explored as part of my survey questions and/or my interview/focus group questions. The questions can be seen below:

Semi-structured interviews/focus groups:

  • collect information about the community – it’s structure, how it operates, communications between community members and other coderdojos etc.
  • information about the overall coderdojo movement and a single coderdojo (e.g. cork city and county)
  • how the community interacts (online, face-to-face)
  • who are the community leaders and how did they get that position?
  • how and why did members join the coderdojo movement?
  • how is the community interactions/content monitored (posts, topics, etc.)
  • what online communication tools are used by members?
  • what are the characteristics of the members of the coderdojo?
  • how did the community begin?
  • is there contact/communication between the champions, mentors & members of different coderdojos?
  • why did those who are now champions/organisers start coderdojos?
  • why did mentors get involved?
  • how did they promote their coderdojo to get more people and partcipants involved?
  • What learning outcomes do they want the participants to achieve?
  • As champions and mentors, do they expect to learn anything themselves from their own involvement in the CoderDojo?
  • Why is coding such an important subject today in the opinion of champions/mentors?


  • How many people take part in CoderDojos in Cork city and county?
  • What is the most common age group which attends coderdojos?
  • What are the reasons for people attending and organising coderdojos?
  • What are the most common resources used during coderdojos to teach coding?
  • What is a particpants favourite part about attending a coderdojo? (from a list of options)
  • How many times are coderdojos held (per week, month etc.) and how many of them do participants attend regularly?
  • How many members are in the online community?
  • Why do members use the online community? (from a list of options)

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