The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards



The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards will be held this year in The RDS , Dublin on Saturday June 17th. It is a tech event for the youngest innovators, creators and entrepreneurs in Europe.

The awards were created in 2012 and are not in their fifth year. They were set up to deliver and support creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and the introduction and showcasing of different aspects of STEM education through coding.

The awards are unique to Europe with participants from Ireland, the UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal to name a few. In 2015 they had over 500 entries with ober 5000 spectators. it is an 8 month long event where local coderdojos engage with the event and upport project development in their weekly sessions

It is both a competition and an exhibition to support and inspire a generation of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs aged 7-17. It is an opportunity for them to showcase the skills they have learning at CoderDojo.


Young people have delivered projects across the latest techologies from cloud to IoT to Virtual Reality.

Examples of Projects:

  • Recharge my car – an app which shows real time info on charging points for electric cars and it will tell you where your nearest point is (Niamh Scanlon – 12)
  • Cool Kids Studio – online platform and mobile app to teach life, technology, art and maths skills to the world around her (Lauren Boyle – 11 – EU Digital Girl of the Year 2014)
  • A communication device for the physically disabled (Conor Begley – 17)
  • A safety device to provide parents and local authorities with greater protection in local parks


The following skills are required to be a successful innovator and the Coolest Projects Awards encourage and support innovators to enhance their education through creative thinking:

  • product development
  • design
  • communication
  • presentation
  • launch
  • analytic skills

Awards Categories:

  • Sponsored Awards
  • Mobile/App Category
  • Games Category
  • Hardware Category
  • Evolution Category
  • Websites Category
  • Scratch Category

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