Paper Analysis: “Development of Educational Leadership in research university through community of practices among professors”


Ismail, I. A., Silong, A. D., Asmiran, S., & Hassan, Z. (2011). Development of educational leadership in Research University through Community of Practices among professors. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 15, 828–832.


  • the research in this paper utilized the qualitative method, interviewing and focus groups
  • Interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim and the data was categorised into themes
  • a CoP is:
    • “…a set of relations among persons, activity and world, over time and in relation with other tangential and overlapping communities of practice. A CoP is an intrinsic condition for the existence of knowledge, not least because it provides the interpretative support necessary for making sense of its heritage. Thus, participation in the cultural practice in which any knowledge exists is an epistemological principle of learning (Lave & Wenger, 1991; 1998)
  • CoP Model refers to those whose “mutual engagement, accountability to the enterprise and negotiability of the repetoire, centre on research, teaching, writing, neworking and managing.”
  • Methodology:
    • qualitative research approach
    • phenomenological research approach
    • interviews were transcribed verbatim, including pauses, laughs and other remarks.
    • the analysis started as soon as the transcribing was completed
  • Results:
    • there were recurrent themes about their academic leadership qualitites found in most of their career stories:
      • Strong Determination, Integrity, Boldness, Perserverance, Ambition, Creativity, Imagination, Curiosity, Originality, Contribution to others.
      • their contributions to CoPs include teaching, research, publications, presentation at conferences and other intellectual discourses
    • the paper didn’t give any scripts or quotes from participants in the interviews or focus groups, it didn’t give any indicator as to what questions were asked etc.



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