Outcomes from the meeting with Trevor

Today I had a successful meeting with Trevor with the following outcomes:

  • Organise a Teacher of Things meeting with Trevor, Alex, Kieran, Sarah and myself for next Monday @ 12.30pm in the NIMBUS centre.
  • Read the 4 Doctorial Consortium Papers sent on by Trevor.
  • Email the C&T Conference about what type of ACM template needs to be used for the Doctorial Consortium – the normal 4 page document or the extended abstract template as this is not made clear on the website
  • Email about applying to be a student volunteer at the C&T Conference
  • Start the overview of research section of my Doctorial Consortium
  • Trevor and I developed 5 Phases of my Case Study to be conducted over the next six months:
    • Phase One: A literature Review – Broad definition
    • Phase Two: Characteristics Matrix – using the lit review (dissemination process for Doctorial Consortium and Workshop Paper)
    • Phase Three: Evaluate CoderDojo against the Characteristic Matrix – categorisation of the Coderdojo
    • Phase Four: Applying the evaluation process to 10 other groups/communities
    • Phase Five: Write Up and Dissemination
  • Keep an eye on Twitter/Facebook/Website for C&T workshop proposals
  • Ensure that I have ojective reasons for choosing my methodology, research methods, the coderdojo etc.

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