Workshops accepted to the C&T Conference

Below are the list of 13 workshops accepted for the C&T Conference in June. The descriptions of each will be on the website soon and I will then decide which one to apply to attend:

  1. 3D printing/digital fabrication for education and the common good
  2. Ethics for the ‘Common Good’: Actionable Guidelines for Community-based Design Research
  3. Digital Participation: Engaging Diverse and Marginalised Communities
  4. Embracing Diversity with Help of Technology and Participatory Design
  5. Civic Intelligence in an Uncertain and Threatening World
  6. Collaborative Economies: From Sharing to Caring
  7. Digital Cities 10: Towards a localised socio-technical understanding of the ‘real’ smart city
  8. Designing for the Digital Fringe
  9. Participatory Design, beyond the local
  10. Solutions for Economics, Environment and Democracy (SEED)
  11. Understanding and supporting emergent and temporary collaboration across and beyond community and organizational boundaries
  12. Infrastructuring smartness and/or enhancing communities? A workshop for engaging the ‘smart’ vision critically
  13. Refugees & HCI Workshop: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee Crisis (workshop accepted at CHI but hosted at C&T because of travel ban issue)

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