Design Thinking Workshop – Tuesday April 7th

Design Thinking Workshop – 10-12.30pm in the Seminar Room in the Melbourne Building

Today I attended my second Deign Thinking workshop and I found it really useful and interesting. An American lecturer conducted a short lecture followed by a hands on workshop where we all worked in groups of two. We were each provided with work sheets and we were asked to take one object out of our bags which we would like to change or alter in some way.

Using the work sheets we began a process of interviewing the other person about their object, then gaining some deeper insights based on what they said in the interview. This was followed up by making a list of needs that emerged from the interview. Focusing on one need (the most important to the user), we developed a number of sketches of possible solutios to the problem. Then through collaboration and discussion we decided on the best solution and using a number of different materials we got to prototype it and evaluate it. This process could be used across many sectors and it will be particularly useful to me when I start looking to develop material or develop the make up of the online environment. Below are some images I took at the workshop:


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