CoderDojo Engagement – Case Study Interviews and Observational Studies

Last Friday I emailed the CoderDojos in Cork and I currently have five CoderDojos who have agreed to help me with my Case Study by taking part in semi-structured interviews and allowing me to conduct an observational study at each of their dojos. I will follow up with the dojos I have not received a response from this week.

The Coderdojos on board include:

  • Mahon – CityGate – Friday 5-7pm – Barbara
  • Mahon – Intel – Wednesdays 6-7.30pm – Geoff & Will
  • HolyHill – Friday 6.30-8pm – Michelle & David
  • Cork Institute of Technology – Friday 4-6pm – Carole
  • Carrigaline – Thursday 6-7.30pm – Brian
  • IBM, Cork Airport Business Park – Michael – Saturdays 12-2pm
  • Ballyphehane, Top Tory Library – Pat & Deirbhile – ??

Brian the teacher in Carrigaline also made me aware of an after school STEM academy they run at their school ( which is the only one of it’s kind in Ireland. When I meet wiith Brian I will be keen to learn more about this club as well as the coderdojo.

My next plan is to design a plan of engagement with the leaders of these dojos – what do I want to find out, how do I conduct the interview, where will I conduct it, how will I collect the data, how will I analyse it, etc. Similar questions need to be asked re: the observational study.

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