Initial Observations from Ballyphehane Coderdojo:

I attended the Coderdojo @ Ballyphehane on Tuesday May 30th. I conducted a semi-structured interview with the organiser Kevin and then I maded some intial observations from the class:

  • all the students bought their own laptops
  • a lot of parents were seen to stay for the class and they were sitting around the room
  • Children came in and took a seat and the tables were arranged in a square
  • The children varied in age form 6-13 and there were more boys present than girls
  • Kevin has a presentation ready on the projector at the front of the room
  • parents heard telling children that class was about to start and they should only have their coding open on the computer
  • a sign in sheet was passed around
  • Kevin talked them through what they would be doing today and the children looked very attentive, listening and looking at kevin and they were quiet
  • Some children seen changing items in their code as Kevin spoke
  • one boy looking in to see what his neighbour was doing – it was clear he knew what he was doing with the code
  • kids learning from each other, talking to each other, asking questions to the mentors
  • some were further ahead on the task than others
  • 13 in attendance
  • kevin used one of the children’s examples for the purpose of the class
  • children were advised to back up their work
  • general chit chat breaks out during the session – informal

I will look to conduct an interview with the other mentor Daniel next week.

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