Initial Observations from Carrigaline Coderdojo:

On Thursday June 1st, I attended the Coderdojo @ Carrigaline Scoil Mhuire Lourdes from 6-7pm.

Initial Observations I made include the following:

  • 3 mentors – one mentor got involved this year as part of his Gaisce Award in Transition Year and one mentor is involved since it started 4 years ago in the school. He works with DELL EMC and used to work with Boston Scientific. He works in Software Support and he used to do coding on the side. Brian the organiser was absent.
  • 7 participants
  • The participants vary in age and genger (2 girls and 5 boys)
  • They were all working on different projects (Scratch, C#)
  • One girl was heard saying “told my mom I didn’t want to do it”
  • The kids could be seen helping each other, talking to each other, looking into each other’s computers
  • informal atmosphere
  • Another child was heard saying “the password is not working”
  • Some children were heard talking about X-Box
  • One girl had nick names for the mentors – “Mr. Happy”
  • All the children had to do different project and the mentor had the project they picked stored on the computer
  • The project had to be about a story. It had to have 10 blocks of code and they present it at the end of the year
  • Participation at the Coolest Projects Awards was optional for thte children and they run the same as schools (they finish in June)
  • One girl could be seen and heard to ask a lot of questions. She was distracted very easily, she didn’t know what to do
  • Most children brought their own computers
  • The mentors walked around checking what the children were doing, making sure they were all okay and they sat down and helped the children who requested it
  • Children were seen putting hands up to ask questions (like school)
  • the numbers were down this week but the CIT Primary school sports day may have played a part in this

I will arrange to hold a meeting with Brian once he returns to work.

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