PhD Update – Tuesday June 27th

COP Case Study – Coderdojo Investigation:

  • Conducted and transcribed eight interviews with Coderdojo Champions/Mentors throughout Cork
  • I have a further two interviews to conduct and transcribe over the next two weeks
  • Analyse the interviews against the COP Matrix and using Thematic Analysis (identify codes and themes)
  • Decide on a conference to disseminate my results to
  • Organise a Skype meeting with Trevor

ECSCW 2017:

  • Accepted as a Student Volunteer
  • Paper accepted for the Doctorail Colloqiuim – need to shorten to maximum of 4 pages and re-submit before the end of July
  • Need to book hotel room and flights for Sheffield on ETR System (call to finance office travel expenses form)

UMI Deliverables:

  • Completed work on D2.2 and D6.1
  • Currently working on D5.1 – Chapter 2, 3 and 5.2.



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