Outcomes from Skype call with Trevor

  • Review form of analysis used for semi-structured interviews (i.e. grounded analysis and content analysis)
  • Review CoP definition – does it fit the Coderdojo after I have conducted the interviews?
  • The 10 Communities can be part of the next study I conduct which is linked to this one – this study will inform the questions and queries I ask as part of the next study – pick one person from each of the 10 communities and interview them based on the results of the first study
  • Paper layout:
    • Literature Review
      • methodology
      • procedure
      • definition
      • COP matrix
    • Investigation of Coderdojo
      • why I chose it
      • embedded myself in it, indepth analysis, semi-structured interviews
      • mapping the coderdojo against the matrix
      • use the data to see if they match the defintion or where they fit on the spectrum of communities of practice
  • Aim to submit a paper for CHI 2018 – deadline 12th September 2018
  • Research related work – begin by reading thesis sent on my Trevor



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