PhD Update & Next Steps

Below is an update of the work I have completed over the past 2/3 weeks:

ECSCW 2017

  • I created the first draft of my poster which I will finish today and send to print this afternoon.

Enterprise Camp

  • Along with Sarah and Denise, I helped to carry out the test makerspace session with adults in the Nimbus Centre prior to the enterprise camp
  • During the enterprise camp I conducted two makerspace sessions with one TY class and I recorded a reflection piece after each session. I also wrote a recommendation document for when we go about organising the Winter Camp. The reflection and recomendation documents are up on Google Drive.

Coderdojo/Paper writing

  • I completed the analysis of the Coderdojo interviews against Wenger’s 7 principles for maintaining a COP
  • I originally worked on writing the paper for CHI 2018 but following our discussion last week, my plan has now changed and I am worked on two separate papers – (1) investigation of the Coderdojo as a COP, (2) COP metadata review and critique

Next Steps

Following my return from ECSCW I will work on the following:

  • The related work section of the Coderdojo paper and I also want to review my analysis of the dojos
  • Decide on a conference to disseminate this paper to
  • Expanding the literature review of COPs for my metadata review by reading 2/3 papers a week
  • Work on planning the Winter Camps ASAP so that we have ethical approval to work with students, time to make changes to the camp set-up and to ensure there is a research opportunity there to exploit as part of my PhD.
  • Once we have the kit sorted, I want to get back in contact with the Coderdojos about testing the kit out with them after Christmas.
  • I also want to make more use of the UMI online environment so that I can design a study where I can use the online environment to gather research

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