My 6 month plan of action!

As the students return to college this week, I felt it was the perfect time for me to focus my work and develop a six month work plan from September 2017 to February 2018. It prompted me to think about what I actually want to achieve next.

I have a lot to work on and complete but the challenge will be something I look forward to! My 6 month plan of action is outlined in detail below:

September 11th – November 6th – Coderdojo Paper

  • Complete a paper about my Coderdojo investigation (Perhaps I could aim for DRS 2018 – the deadline is November 6th??)
    • Complete the results, findings and analysis of my Coderdojo semi-structured interviews
    • Complete the related work section for this paper
    • Write the paper and disseminate

September 11th – February 26th 2018 – Teacher Interviews

  • Develop a plan to engage, survey and interview secondary school teachers about how STEM is taught in their schools, their involvement in communities and how familiar they are with Communities of Practice
    • September 11th – October 6th
      • Finalise the research question I am looking to answer
      • Design a teacher semi-structured interview protocol
      • Contact teachers from our schools database to arrange interviews with teachers
      • Create a consent form to ensure I have permission to audio and video record each interview for research purposes
    • October 9th – December 21st
      • Conduct interviews with up to 30 secondary school STEM teachers over the course of 10 weeks (3 interviews a week)
      • Transcribe each interview as I go
      • Ask the teachers to complete an online survey on Communities of Practice (could I embed this in the online UMI environment? Should I ask them to complete it before or after the interview?
    • January 8th – February 26th
      • Transcribe and analyse each interview over the course of 6 weeks

September 18th – December 21st – Coderdojo Workshop

  • Conduct ‘workshop/makerspace’ with a selection of the Coderdojos I have already interviewed
    • September 18th – October 6th
      • Decide on logistics of the workshop/makerspace –
        • Who will facilitate the workshop?
        • What will the participants be asked to do?
        • What materials & equipment do we need?
        • What topics/themes will be covered?
        • How long will the workshop last?
        • Online environment??
        • What is the research question?
      • Contact Coderdojo mentors about conducting a workshop in their Coderdojo class
      • Get ethical approval to conduct the study with children
      • Create parental consent forms to ensure we have permission to audio and video record the children for research purposes
    • October 16th – December 21st
      • Conduct workshop with 10 Coderdojos in Cork
      • The venue will be at each individual Coderdojo class’s location
      • Audio and video record each session
      • Collect data using an observational study and reflective journals or surveys from each participant (to be decided)
      • I will also write a reflection piece after each workshop
      • Analyse data, collect results and findings (this step will likely continue after Christmas)

September 11th – February 28th – COP Metadata Review

  • Communities of Practice Metadata Review
    • Continue my literature review of communities of practice
      • Research COPs in other domains – education, health, organisations, politics, etc.
      • Most recent research on COPs
      • STEM learning and communities/STEM learning communities
      • Topics suggested from Doctorial Colloqiuim, etc.
    • Expand on current definition and matrix based on the lit review and the Coderdojo interviews and workshops


  • Contribute to UMI Deliverables
  • Plan Winter Camp
  • Mentor in Trevor’s lecture on Tangible Computing
  • Populate Online UMI Environment



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