ICL 2017 – Paper Presentation Review

On Thursday last I presented a paper at the ICL (Teaching and Learning in a Digital World) 2017 Conference in Budapest. The paper was called A Design Framework for Interdisciplinary Communities of Practice towards STEM Learning in 2nd Level Education” and I was a co-author on it (providing the COPs literature review) with Kieran Delaney and Olga Fragou. The presentation lasted for 12 minutes followed by questions or comments.

The presentation was broken up as follows:

  • Research Aims
  • What is meant by UMI?
  • Explain the term Communities of Practice
  • Discuss the Coderdojo Community
  • The Design Framework
  • Design Based Research (IoT workshop; CIT enterprise Camp & UDOO testing with the interns)
  • Conclusions & future work

There was only 8 people in the room for my presentation which was the last one as part of the “Collaborative Learning” session. I wasn’t asked any questions but instead one Art teacher from Sydney suggested we extend STEM to include art and make it STEAM because we had arts and crafts based work in our prototyping kit.

I think this could be a conference we attend in the future but it is very industry focused. Projects related to students and teachers in schools/college but a lot of the time the focus was on how these projects could relate to the student’s careers and to industry. The conference was attended by industry experts and researchers of a more mature age and I was definitely the youngest attendee. It may be one to look to attend next year when we have more concrete work completed.


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