PhD Progress Meeting – Monday November 6th

I have been working on the analysis of my Coderdojo interviews over the past few weeks and below is the feedback I received from Trevor and Kieran during today’s meeting. I have also included a plan of action for the coming weeks:

  • The analysis is very interesting but I now need to define what the general findings from the study are
  • What is the meaning of th study and what community is it aimed at? What research questions am I looking to answer? What is my motivation for conducting the study?
  • Define and outline my methodology and procedure (section before the analysis)
  • how many people did I interview? Why did I pick that number of people? – sythesise my results
  • Will this be one paper or two – most likely it will be two papers – one focusing on how the themes (characteristics) materialise in a COP and the other on answering the question is the Coderdojo a Community of Practice or not?
  • Give an example of each ‘theme’ somewhere else in the literature, i.e. an example of governance in a community I have looked at
  • Elaborate on the theme names, at the moment they are too vague – why is each theme important?
  • Create a coding system for identifying the participants
  • At the moment the text is too long and it needs to be reduced by 50-60%; use one quote as an exemplar for each theme
  • Create a skeleton for the layout of the paper – headings with one/two lines explaining each section
  • I need to be very clear in the procedure about how I used content analysis – I used it with desk research and by embedding myself in the community – prior knowledge of the Coderdojo before interviews
  • Talk about the relationships between the themes – what are the crossovers, repititions, dominant patterns between the themes – perhaps create a visualisation for them
  • Before the analysis section, explain the activities of the dojo and relate back to the Coderdojo organisation as well, e.g. Bluebelt
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of each theme


  • Create a skeleton for the layout of the paper – headings and description of each section (read other papers for inspiration)
  • Start to compile the related work section of the paper
  • Review Thematic Analysis of characterstics & review ‘theme’ headings to be less vague
  • Create a coding system for identifying the the interview participants
  • Make a bullet point list of the general findings from the analysis of the interviews
  • Make a list of the research questions; who the study is aimed at; motivation for the study
  • Describe the my procedure and methodology (thematic and content analysis)
  • Write section about Communities of Practice
  • Write a page about the Coderdojo Organisation and the Coderdojo classes
  • Start reducing the size of the document to include one dominant quote for each theme




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