Work Plan: November 7th – 12th

Tuesday November 7th:

  • Complete my PhD Project Progress Review Document – email to Sarah & supervisors for feedback
  • Complete my 15-minute presentation for Project Review on Nov 20th
  • Create one slide to represent my PhD and write one minute ‘speech’ for iHCI next Friday

Wednesday November 8th:

  • Form the skeleton for the layout of my Coderdojo Paper – read metadata review papers for references
  • Finish the Characteristics Table
  • Create a coding system for identifying the interview participants

Thursday November 9th:

  • Review the Thematic Analysis of the data on Google Drive
  • Write the Thematic Analysis section of the paper
  • Review the ‘theme’ names – edit to be less vague and more understanding
  • Write page about the Coderdojo Organisation

Friday November 10th:

  • Make bullet point list of the general findings from the analysis
  • Send PhD update to supervisors

Monday November 12th:

  • Write the content analysis section of the paper
  • Make a list of the research questions; who the study is aimed at; motivation for the study
  • Meeting with supervisors

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