iHCI 2017 – Reflection

Conference Title: iHCI (Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference)

Venue: Gerald Manley Hopkins Building @ UCD, Dublin

Date: Friday November 17th 2017

Time: 10am – 3.30pm

Participation: ‘PhD Madness’ – One minute, one slide presentation describing my PhD

On Friday last, I attended the iHCI Conference which was held in UCD in Dublin this year. As part of the conference, I took part in the ‘PhD Madness’ section where I was given one minute to explain my PhD project to the attendees of the conference. I found this to be a very useful exercise which challenged me to explain my project in a concise manner to people who would never have heard about my project before. It was important I used language which was easy to comprehend and this is an exercise I would like to do again.

During the conference, I listened to a number of presentations on very interesting papers but the papers in the afternoon were probably more relevant to my project. These papers included “Digital Technologies to Support Healthy Ageing: End user experiences and Lesson Learned”; “The Construal of Experience in HCI: Understanding Self-Reports”; “Supporting Cultural Heritage Professionals Adapting and Shaping Interactive Technologies in Museums” and “A Mixed Method Approach for Evaluating and Improving Design of Learning in Puzzle Games”. During the lunch break I had a brief chat with Gabriela Avram who works in UL in Limerick and she is currently working on a project called “From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy” and she is looking to investigate Coderdojos in Romania. She asked me if I was a planning to conduct any participant studies because if I am it may be a way to link up with her and investigate Coderdojos abroad as well as here at home. I will contact her for more information this week. iHCI is a great conference to attend when looking to connect with the Irish HCI community and to see what other people are working on.


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