Outcomes from Progress Meeting – Monday Nov 27th

Following my latest PhD Progress meeting with Kieran & Trevor this afternoon, the outcomes from the meeting are outlined as follows:

  • I need to describe my study as a multi-phase study in the abstract section of my paper – the purpose of the paper at present is not expressing the work I am actually doing (Phase One: Literature Review; Phase Two: Case Study of the Coderdojo)
  • In the introduction section, I need to make clear why this project is important and state that this research is part of a greater project which looks to enhance STEM learning etc.
  • I need to make clear that whether or not the characteristics appear in the Coderdojo – be objective, don’t force the characteristics to appear if they are not really there.
  • What are the 3 or 4 key ‘take home’ messages I want people to get after reading my paper
  • I need to explain why I chose the Coderdojo movement – started from a small community in Cork, now it is international; it has loose guidelines; anyone can set one up; don’t have a strict curriculum to follow; informal learning; lead to the upsurge of coding clubs across the world, international identity, etc.

I will work on the outcomes outlined above along with the items I have listed on my own agenda for the next two weeks.

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