Work Plan: Nov 28th – Dec 2nd

The following is an outline of the work I plan to complete over the coming week:

Tuesday Nov 28th:

  • Re-write the abstract for my paper
  • Edit the skeleton of my paper (V3) following comments made yesterday
  • Write the “procedure & methodology” section of my paper
  • Organise meeting with Sarah to discuss the UMI lab description & the upcoming webinar (aimed for Monday December 18th)

Wednesday Nov 29th:

  • Continue to work on the ‘procedure & methodology’ section of paper
  • Build related work section – read two papers and summarise
  • Edit COP literature review references

Thursday Nov 30th:

  • Write a paragraph about the ‘Emodo‘ online teacher/student community and how it may be a useful resource for research studies going forward
  • Edit the analysis section of my paper – reducing content & adding code names of participants

Friday/Saturday Dec 1st/2nd:

  • Review Thematic Analysis procedure, i.e. coding, decision making, theme names etc.

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