UMI Pilots ready for take off!

We are currently busy preparing and planning for our upcoming UMI pilots which will take place in Loreto Secondary School Fermoy, Co. Cork with four classes of transition year students. The pilots will take place over the course of two days, with two classes taking part in a workshop each day. This workshop (the UMI Pilot) is called “The Designing for STEM Program”. With the help of two new Multimedia interns, we are currently working on branding for this program so we can take it into more schools in the future.

The ‘Designing for STEM’ Program is a new initiative aimed at engaging Transition Year students with STEM subjects through project-based learning. The program involves a half-day workshop, in which students will work together to come up with ideas to solve real-world problems using STEM solutions. The best and most innovative ideas will be selected from this workshop, and the students who created them will have the opportunity to take part in a week-long work placement in a STEM company or third-level institute to develop their ideas further.

The program is free, with all materials provided by the organisers. It is being run as part of a Cork Institute of Technology research project investigating new ways to enhance STEM learning for second-level students. The program is funded by the H2020 UMI-Sci-Ed Project (

The program will involve the students (working in groups) using ideation and prototyping techniques to develop an idea to the STEM related problem and they will use a selection of materials and technologies to create a model and a brand for their idea. Each group will then present their idea and outputs to the class.

This week we are finalising the lesson plan, gathering and ordering materials, selecting mentors and creating short presentations. A test run of this UMI pilot will take place in the Nimbus Centre in CIT on Tuesday February 6th @ 11-1pm.

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