Great publicity gained from CIT Innovation Week 2018

We achieved fantastic publicity through our recent CIT Innovation Week workshop which took place in the Nimbus Centre on Tuesday March 6th. A total of 10 Creative Digital Media Students and 5 PR/Marketing personnel attended the event where they were presented with a design brief that required them to produce a digital solution that allowed people who lived in different parts of the world to connect. Their solution didn’t have to include video or audio like your usual Skype or phone call would. With the help of Emily Twomey in Marketing in Nimbus, she helped us to get great publicilty on Twitter connecting with people in the Nimbus Centre and the wider CIT Community including Orla Flynn, Michael Loftus, Frank O’Donovan, Breda Kenny, CIT Enterprise and more. It was an ideal opportunity to let everyone know who we are, what we are doing, what we are all about and we plan to do in the future. It may open opportunities for future collaborations.


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